Eshiner New Energy Limited, founded in 2016 by the engineers of Eshiner Industrial Design Limited, is devoted to making clean energy and technology more affinity into the life. Today Eshiner is working hard to achieve the wish, and believes the technology will make our life a new look sooner.


The Solar Beach Umbrella

The Solar Beach Umbrella, which Eshiner designs specially for a beach vacation with efficiently solar-powered technology, can provide not only the shade & illumination, but also power charging, Wi-Fi & 5G communication service, easily to meet your emergency requirement during the vacation and more pleasure for you to discover.

Model & Description
YH-330 The Solar Beach Umbrella
Customization Model Contact us for detailed specification, and we can support the customized design.

Warranty & Specification

Product Type The Solar Beach Umbrella
Theoretical Duration of Use >=15Year Theoretical Wind Rating >=12(32m/s) Theoretical Earthquake Rating >=8Level
Power Generation Per Day (Average) 30KW/H Battery capacity 800AH/48V Operating temperature -10-60(C)
Umbrella Surface Material High Performance monocrystalline
Umbrella Specifications 6.6m * 5 - 8m(Diameter× Height)
Umbrella Rod Material Carbon steel + ABS
Colors White/Blue/Orange/Yellow
IP/ Warranty IP55, Transported in spare part, and assembly on site
Standard Configuration 40W LED Light×4; 20W LED Reading Light; 5W LED indicator Light×1; USB Charger×8; AC 220/110V outlet; Socket×2; Wi-Fi; Stereo audio system; Wireless Bluetooth; FM Radio Module; Surveillance Wireless; 8-people Curved Bench
Optional Configuration: Equipment suspension devices for 5G micro-station, Equipment case; Emergency Alarm System;

Important Message: Special Information

All the products require design and testing according to your region’s factors, such as national regulation, environment, climate, geological structure, to guarantee the product’s safety and reliability. Please feel free to contact us for details.

More technical information, please email us or our agents.